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Photo of “Louis, The Self-Destructive Bear” altered by FringePig.

In advance of my appearance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August in “Success Is Not An Option” at The Hive, I was interviewed by FringePig – a website that reviews Edinburgh Fringe shows. On thing they wanted to know was what I thought about reviewers, especially Edinburgh Festival review websites reviewers. Here is an excerpt:

Solitude Is Not an Option

I CAN’T trust anyone’s opinion – the audience after the show, my peers, promoters, ANYONE – because they lie. There’s such a complex series of social barriers to telling anyone the truth in this country that I know I’ll only hear something real if I happen to hear someone else gossiping about me – and in essence that’s what a review is.

I DON’T get this stuff about reviewers [on internet websites and festival websites] being just kids, or just students. They’re the people I need my feedback from because they’re my target audience. They’re the people who go to comedy clubs now and they’re the ones who in ten years are going to be buying my tickets. If I have another ten years. Five years. They’ll be buying my tickets in five years. To be honest I’m still on my first ten-year plan from 20 years ago. I thought I’d be famous by now…

Read the rest of the interview, go to FringePig.

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