2 AM Sunday 19 May 2013 Nunhead Heights

Lewis Schaffer acting as a roadie for the Dulwich Ukulele Club at Nunhead Cemetery Open Day.

Lewis Schaffer acting as a roadie for the Dulwich Ukulele Club at Nunhead Cemetery Open Day.

I nearly forgot that yesterday was Nunhead Cemetery Open Day.

It doesn’t sound like much but it is the biggest day of the Nunhead social calendar. I should have been there with a table, representing Nunhead American Radio, the only radio program for Americans living in Nunhead. Regular Nunheaders can listen, too.

I forgot and did nothing. Third year in a row. Not that I would have done something if I had remembered. I have so much on my plate – I am overloaded. Or rather, I have so many plates spinning and very little on each of them. Pick your metaphor.

Besides the weekly radio show on Resonance FM, I’m doing my Free until Famous shows at the Source Below in Soho, a new weekly run at the Leicester Square Theatre – tomorrow in big theatre – 431 seat capacity and I have proposed, and gotten funding, for a grand Nunhead event in July. Details later.

Add that into the imperative I have to find and do regular gigs, also to pick up my kid, the one kid I get to see during the week, from school three or four days a week.

It is like I’ve gone all manic but I am not buzzing.

My mother was bipolar, or so the doctors and my father, told us. Institutionalized, medicated and electroshock shock treated. The whole bed pan. But I don’t do manic-depression very well, at least not as well as my mother.

I must have taken the affectations from my mother. Like if you are raised by wolves, you may start acting like a wolf but you aren’t going to be one.

I just don’t have the genes or the chemistry or whatever BS the psychiatrists and pharmaceutical industry can make a profit off of.

My mother got a glorious zing from baking 13 cakes at a go, or trying to expose the murderer of JFK or proving that my father had
$250,000 stolen from him or he stole it from her. I don’t remember the details.

She could run around like a lunatic for weeks. I cannot. And she was able to just turn it all off when in her depressed state. I can’t crawl into ball and collapse in tears in my bed and sleep for weeks. My mom could. I envy her.

All I have is a dull pain from having too much to do and knowing it isn’t getting done the way I want it to, and that I cannot stop any of this.

Oh, I didn’t even mention my two shows at the Edinburgh Festival that need planning. Oh my.

Anyway, make my life easier by seeing my Leicester Square Theatre Shows – next one today, Sunday at 7 PM. Only £10. I could use the money and the support.

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