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2 PM Friday 27 March 2015 Nunhead Heights

Today is the anniversary of my mother’s birthday. She is in a better place: New York. Okay, she is dead. She died in 2011. Come to my show this Sunday as I am an orphan.

The photograph attached is me in leather wearing a New York Yankees baseball hat at Resonance studios. I grew up hating the Yankees and loving the New York Mets but in England I have to wear the free hat I can get.

Radio 4 News:

Here is actual video of me on BBC Radio 4 talking to John Humphys and Justin Webb. I am back on the BBC, at least for 4 minutes. I seem relaxed or asleep. Asleep at the BBC.

Leicester Square Theatre London News:

My run at the Leicester Square Theatre has been extended to the end of May. Sundays 6PM.  Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery. Buy a ticket, I am an orphan.

There will come a time when Londoners (maybe you) won’t be able to see me and then you will miss me so go this week.

Nunhead American Radio News:

Monday, Councillor Darren Merrill, the lovely but-still -basically-wrong Southwark Councilperson in charge of cemeteries came on the radio with the very funny Chantal Feducine-Pate, the Louisiana London comic. God, she sparkles! Listen here on MixCloud. Fantastic radio.

Our house band, The Relatives, has a new video up (<2 mins long). I now have many many videos uploaded on the Lewis Schaffer YouTube Channel. Click.

Southwark Woods News:

Wednesday I had my first, and I hope my last, meeting with a borough council. It wasn’t pleasant (we were called “liars” and I got the feeling that we were in a dark place where bodies were buried – metaphorically).

You can take up the banner and let me focus on something else. Please read and sign the petition to Save Southwark Woods. And go to @southwarkwoods on twitter and to the webite.  Do it for me, I am an orphan.

Edinburgh 2015 News:

Last week I announced my 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show. Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous, £5. Buy a ticket or two. I am an orphan.


I am in Diss, Norfolk, tonight, Friday 27th March 2015, compering a show. If you are near, stumble in.

Free until Famous Tour 2015 is rolling – 45 venues.  Go to my webpage and count them.  New gig in Braintree. 

Nunhead American Radio next Monday:

Next Monday we have Mark Restuccia, a very very funny man and comic and Nunhead’s Claire Shephard who has formed the local Women’s Institute. More stuff at our Nunhead American Radio page. Listen to my show, I am an orphan.

Again: Come this Sunday to the Leicester Square Theatre and hang with me, I am an orphan.

MY WEBSITE: DesignMutt set it up for me. 

MY TOUR: Check the website. Free until Famous on Tour 2015.

TAXES BY: BritishAmericanTax.Com – ask for Liz.


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