Come see me at the Museum of Comedy in December.

1PM Monday 30 November 2015 Nunhead Heights

Apologies for not having annoyed you in awhile. I have been feeling farblunget (or farblondzhet – Yiddish) since Edinburgh. I’ve been and probably am, totally messed up, lost, unable to work.

I now feel more energetic so watch out. A lot has been happening and will happen. Or so I hope.

The reason I have been so farblunget is because since I last wrote to you all. Lewis Schaffer (that’s me) has become a success.  No, really.

In fact the famous comedy writer Bruce Dessau says: “There is no one like him in stand up in the UK at the moment.” That is a good thing. Is that is a good thing?


Anyway, here’s the thing. I must be a success because I am doing twelve shows in December at the fancy Museum of Comedy – in fancy Bloomsbury in fancy London – from the 8th of December to the 21st.  Lewis Schaffer is Free Until Famous, £10 sounds like every show I do but it isn’t.  It is a proper Edinburgh show with a beginning middle and end. The Scotsman liked it so much they gave it five stars and called it “brilliant and amazing”.  EVEN I WOULD SEE IT. Buy a ticket for December here.

Read The Scotsman review here.

Read all the other brilliant reviews here.


I have been filming short videos every day, or nearly every day. If you like me you will like these. If you don’t like me, please unsubscribe. I am trying to get below a certain number on this list so I don’t have to pay for the privilege. Please make sure you want to receive these. Watch a recent video, then subscribe.


I’m interviewed by the famous critic Bruce Dessau on his widely read website. In 2014 Bruce Dessau called me “grimly compelling”.  In 2015 he called me “utterly, uniquely compelling.  Finally in his latest blog Bruce says I am “pretty compelling.” Of course I am not just “pretty”. I am “beautiful”. You’ll have to come to my show to find out why. In any case.  I’m compelling. Read what else he wrote and what I told him at Beyond the Joke


I have been in a few of John Fleming’s blogs this week. They are very, very, readable. Very. Read one. Read another.


I have put the links up to the the autumn’s shows on my website. My radio show is brilliant. I haven’t put in all the details of who are on all the shows, nor have I uploaded them to iTunes. This is a start. Link in to Nunhead American Radio Shows.


We are still fighting a council that doesn’t seem like it is going to stop. Our hope is that even this council is too broke to waste millions on this stupidity. I made a little video on the side of One Tree Hill. It doesn’t explain it all but it shows some of it. Click here.


My ground-breaking nationwide tour is still free.  The first major free tour ever held in the UK. My next gig will be a week Saturday in Northallerton 5th December in the grim north, which actually is always pretty  lively.  Also in the grim north you still get to see Lewis Schaffer for free. Go to the Tour 2015 webpage.


If you haven’t already, read the reviews of my acting in Edinburgh. Will I get a part in movie or TV show, let alone another play? Lord knows. Four Stars from The Telegraph, The List (the prestigious Scottish magazine), The Scotsman and others. Click here to read the reviews.

And remember to come see me at the Museum of Comedy.

MY WEBSITE: DesignMutt set it up for me.

MY TOUR: Check the website. Free until Famous on Tour 2015.

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