The attached photo is of the bloated Lewis Schaffer at the Leicester Square Theatre before he started working out and got buff. When that will happen, we don’t know. 

3AM Friday 3rd April 2015 Nunhead Heights.

I am in John Fleming’s blog this week being called a “silver fox” by Kate Copstick. Read it here. Funny, I just noticed John said this (from his mouth to the BBC’s ears):

“Lewis looked really good on television. He would be really good on television documentaries. He’s not a stand-up comedian because he can’t replicate the act phrase-for-phrase, pause-for-pause in rehearsals, dress rehearsals and the take. But he’d be very good on like My View of Britain. It would be like Letter From America with Alistair Cooke.”

Here is the actual video of me on BBC Radio 4 talking to John Humphys and Justin Webb. Watch this before they take it down.

Leicester Square Theatre London:

Like I told you last week, my run at the Leicester Square Theatre has been extended to the end of May. Sundays 6PM. Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery.

Nunhead American Radio:

Monday, funny Dominic Frisby, comedian and financial writer, came on the radio. He spoke with the brilliant Liz Zitzow, my accountant and international tax expert. She knows about the latest USA-UK tax issues. Dominic has two hardcover books out and is a libertarian which is completely radical in the UK. Listen here on MixCloud. Our best show, ever.

The Relatives, our band, has a new video up “Lewis, You Crossed the Line”  (2 mins long). Watch the many videos uploaded on the Lewis Schaffer YouTube Channel. Click.

Southwark Woods News:

We are trying to get the council to stop cutting down woods in Nunhead and East Dulwich. Votes from their core supporter and making money seem like the motives.

Please read and sign the petition to Save Southwark Woods. And go to @southwarkwoods on twitter and to the website.

Edinburgh 2015 News:

I will be charging £5 entry for my 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show and £3 for broke or old people. Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous, £5.


Next week I am in Washington near Sunderland on my Free until Famous Tour 2015 is rolling – 45 venues. Go to my webpage and count them.

Nunhead American Radio next Monday:

We are off for the Easter Monday holiday but listen to the repeat. Info at the Nunhead American Radio page.


Come this Sunday to the Leicester Square Theatre.

As a reward for reading this far:

SPECIAL OFFER: Use the code “American14” when buying tickets and get two tickets for the price of one. Or pay full price and help me buy a suit that fits.

Lewis Schaffer

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MY TOUR: Check the website. Free until Famous on Tour 2015.

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