12 Noon Saturday 28 June 2105 Nunhead Heights


This Saturday July 4th, 2015 is the parade I am helping organize with Richard Guard of The Relatives.  I know you wouldn’t normally think of going into Nunhead. It’s possible you think that Nunhead is a magical or imaginary place that I have invented.

See for yourself. 2PM at Nunhead Green.  Take the train to Nunhead or the 343, 78, or 37 to Nunhead Lane and even the 63, 363, or 12 to East Dulwich Road and walk to the Green. Bring walking shoes. Drink and parade with your Nunhead celebrities.Here is our mild website. 


Martin Walker of the Broadway Baby website “interviewed” me. [Read their review from last year – I sound amazing.] If you want to know what it’s like to speak with me on the phone while I am in my pants on my balcony at 12 midnight, listen to this. For everyone one else, avoid.  I have been told I sound “depressed” and “tired”. Listen here to extended interview.


Stewart Lee, the most famous comic in the category of least famous comics, recommended my Edinburgh show, calling me a “genius Jew”. I will take the compliment but aren’t Jews supposed to be geniuses? I will now recommend his show as he is a funny Philip Glass. Look that up.  Oh, and last week Daniel Kitson said I was akin to “burnt air” at the Resofit do.  Hmmm. 

For those keeping score, I have now sold £65 of tickets for my Edinburgh Festival show  Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous, £5 at Just the Tonic Community Project.  Get your tickets because at this rate the shows will be sold out by 2019. (that is a conservative guess.) BUY A TICKET OR TWO.


This Sunday 6:30PM  I’m at the Museum of Comedy with my show  Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery. Second to last date there and at this rate I will not be invited back for next season.


Last week’s show was with comic Christian Talbot – from Ireland and Northern Ireland. Also on was my “older brother” Randy Klein.. Listen here on MixCloud.  It should be up by now. I haven’t put up last week’s as I have been so busy and even lazier.


RESERVE 6PM JULY 8, 2015 to show your support  for Southwark Woods. Southwark Council HQ 160 Tooley Street, next to London Bridge train station. 

Look at the aerial video taken of the Southwark Woods. Click here to see the video (90 seconds).

I dare you to tell you me you don’t want these woods saved.  The council wants to cut down hundreds of trees and dig up thousand of old graves. Shameful. 

Be part of the campaign to save the Southwark Woods (sign the petition) so you get the emails. 


I am at the Museum of Comedy Bloomsbury today, Sunday at 6pm –  Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery.  I have sold not one ticket for tomorrow’s show. I have messed up. 


Listen to all the shows or most of the the recent shows, including Stewart Lee, Russell Howard and Robin Ince. Listen here on MixCloud. Our best shows, ever!

And go to  Lewis Schaffer YouTube Channel. Click for songs and such not on MixCloud. 


The next gig  on the tour is Tuesday July 7 in Derby.  Go to the Tour 2015 webpage. Get on a train and come to my show. 


MY WEBSITE: DesignMutt set it up for me.

MY TOUR: Check the website. Free until Famous on Tour 2015.

TAXES BY: BritishAmericanTax.Com – ask for Liz.

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