Photo: Nunhead’s Women’s Institute founder and president Claire Sheppard and top comic Robin Ince having a pint, or two after appearing on Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer.

7PM Tuesday 2 June 2015 Nunhead Heights

Thank you for asking.

My mood is better. I am now feeling  just extremely prickly and not deeply depressed. I should be in a worse mood as I have been hobbling around because of a newly diagnosed plantar’s fasciitis. Look that up.


This Sunday I move over to the Museum of Comedy with my show Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery. The five week run is June 8, 15, 22, 29, and July 5th at 6PM. Come and see me there. The Leicester Square Theatre run was long and wonderful. Thank you empressario Martin Witts who owns both venues.


My Nunhead American Radio show is ticking along nicely. This week (Monday) we had Robin Ince on, talking about him leaving comedy and Claire Sheppard about starting up the Nunhead branch of the Women’s InstituteListen here on MixCloud.

The show is a blur to me but our audience listener representative Laura Synthesis reported:

“Tonight’s show was 20% about the trees, 5% about Nunhead, 0% about Americans, 5% about top comedian Robin Ince, 5% about Claire Sheppard and the Women’s Institute and 150% about failed comedian Lewis Schaffer. Top marks for Anna Crockatt! 10/10!!”

Our best show ever is what I say. 


I am sorry I am going all Russell Brand on you.  Please save the Southwark Woods (sign the petition). Ten acres of trees and bushes and wildflowers are at risk with the possibility of gaining over 100 acres of nature reserves in Zone 2. 


I am doing a paid show at the Edinburgh Festival for the first time since 2008. Buy tickets now to avoid embarrassment (my embarrassment).  Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous, £5.  Just the Tonic Community Project.


Again, I am at the Museum of Comedy Bloomsbury this Sunday. I would see me. That is how good I am getting, or how good I am feeling or how delusional I have become. Sunday at 6pm –  Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery


Listen to all the shows or most of them, including Stewart Lee, Russell Howard and Robin Ince. Listen here on MixCloud. Our best shows, ever!

Go to  Lewis Schaffer YouTube Channel. Click for songs and such. 


The next gig on the tour is at the Hazlitt in Maidstone on the Friday the 5th of June.  Go to the Tour 2015 webpage and click the link to the show you want to see.


Use the code “American14” when buying tickets for my Museum of Comedy shows and get two tickets for the price of one.  Or pay full price so I can afford heel guards to treat my hurting feet. 


MY WEBSITE: DesignMutt set it up for me.

MY TOUR: Check the website. Free until Famous on Tour 2015.

TAXES BY: BritishAmericanTax.Com – ask for Liz.

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