Photo: Russell Howard after his appearance on Nunhead American Radio at Resonance FM studios with Anna Crockatt, Leanne Bower, Richard Guard (in the back ), Lewis Schaffer and Lisa Moyle. 

10 AM Sunday 25 April 2015 Nunhead Heights

Russell Howard, him-off-the-telly, came on my radio show last Monday and it sent me into a depression spiral that I am having trouble leaving. Okay, I was depressed before he came on the show. The happier I am the more I see misery coming. At least with misery one can hope for good times.

I asked Russell how he wants his dead body treated after his death, of course. You won’t hear him being asked stuff like that anywhere else. Also on with Major Alan Norton of the Nunhead Salvation Army. Listen here on MixCloud.

It was an honour for him to visit us and lovely to spend some time with him. He is as nice in person as he is on the telly, and way more subversive than one would think. Our best show, ever.

Leicester Square Theatre today:

I am at the Leicester Square Theatre, today, Sunday  at 6pm –  Lewis Schaffer, International Man of Misery. I have been called the best comic and the worst comic. You will laugh, one way or the other.

Nunhead American Radio:

My camera didn’t record The Relatives’s song this week – sorry – a mess up – but there are many other incredible songs on my YouTube Channel.  These include “Lewis Schaffer Blues” (2 mins long). Go to the Lewis Schaffer YouTube Channel. Click.

Southwark Woods News:

If you haven’t “signed” the petition you will have hurt my feelings. The Save Southwark Woods campaign has been asked to present to the full Southwark Council meeting on July 8th. We are trying save woods in Nunhead and East Dulwich. Please read and sign the petition to Save Southwark Woods. And go to @southwarkwoods on twitter and to the website.

Buy tickets for Edinburgh 2015:

You will need to buy a ticket to see me in Edinburgh this year. Only £5 and £3 for losers (the old and broke – basically me.). Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous, £5. Click the link.

The Tour:

I just got back from Wells Next The Sea in Norforlk. What a lovely town and lovely people. I’m now into 45 date touror more venues. Go to my webpage and count them. My next shows are May 8th in Redditch and May 9th in Cirencester. I am funny. You will laugh.

Nunhead American Radio Monday:

Last week I told you a famous person was coming on the radio and he did. This week we have Stuart Goldsmith, the comic, and someone else. Go to  Nunhead American Radio page.

The Election:

This British election is like Christmas: It is very big and important but I’m not allowed participate in it.

Even if I could vote (and I can’t vote even though I have lived here for 15 years. Americans aren’t allowed to vote. Nigerian are. Sri Lankan are. Belizeans are. Americans aren’t because of the bitter divorce.) so if I could vote, I still probably wouldn’t.

I voted only twice in my life. Once for leftwinger and once for a rightwinger. That was before I realized that I would be filled with regret not matter what I did so I decided to let others do the voting.

Also, as a comic (if I can call myself that), I feel duty bound to you, my audience, to hate everyone. That said, the Labour council of Southwark has acted so abysmally over the Southwark Woods that I am on the verge of voice an opinion.

Come this Sunday to the Leicester Square Theatre.

SPECIAL OFFER: Use the code “American14” when buying tickets and get two tickets for the price of one. Or pay full price and help me buy a new white shirt.

With love
Lewis Schaffer


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