4PM Monday 26 June 2017  Nunhead Height

On Friday I disrupted a public ceremony in Nunhead honouring the victims of a V2 Rocket on the corset factory on Peckham Rye and Nunhead Lane. I had stumbled on Southwark Councillors unveiling a plaque to the 23.

It struck me as extreme hypocrisy or cheek or chutzpah for these councillors to be acting like they cared about the war dead, meanwhile they are destroying the memorials and graves of war victims, possibly those very people who died in that event, to sell off their burial plots. Southwark has been burying over the graves of war dead and their families to create new burial plots, to keep the cemeteries going.

I have been trying to save the woods and graves in Southwark’s cemeteries, including the graves of WW2 service personel and their families.  I made my way in front of the councillors and started telling the assembled why the councillors didn’t care about the the people who lost their lives in the war or their families. 

But there were people there who had lost loved ones, or relatives, in that attack. My father fought in World War Two and was hit twice by bullets in France in 1944 so I know how important ceremonies like that are. I know that many didn’t understand what I was on about – they only saw me disrupting their ceremony. 

It was their moment and I hadn’t stopped to think about who was there. I stepped all over it and all over the families and friends . And I regret my behaviour very, very much, and I am saying I am sorry, in this way, to those families and friends. 

Lewis Schaffer

Nunhead Heights. 

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