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FIRST:  GREAT VIDEO:  “The Dogging Scene on Nunhead Green” played on Nunhead American Radio with moi, Lewis Schaffer by the Relatives Band. Briliantly funny. Have a listen.

SECOND: TONIGHT OCTOBER 2ND:  I will be at the Leicester Square Theatre doing my solo show, LEWIS SCHAFFER: AMERICAN IN LONDON.  I have let my website get all wild and live events aren’t listed on the “LIVE” page. I am telling you about it, here, though. Go the website to order a ticket or see what other shows are available.


This past Sunday I lunched with David Icke at Richard Corrigan’s Bentley’s Restaurant in Mayfair before doing Peter Cook’s Establishment Club re-established by Victor Lewis-Smith and Keith Allen. How is that for name-dropping?

The new Establishment Club is amazing. There is nothing in the world like it. Iconoclastic, if I am using that word correctly.

David Icke is the ex-football player who said he thought he was god, then went on to write books about the elite of the world being shape-shifting reptiles. That David Icke.

I kinda liked him, even though he is exposing me, one of the world’s “elite”, as a lizard. Or maybe I just really didn’t really dislike him, as I expected to.

He seemed vulnerable in his need to pontificate. He didn’t really seem interested in other people except as an audience. Who does that remind you of? Lewis Schaffer! But I do care about other people, and I am vulnerable, so he must be vulnerable, too. That is my logic. I don’t know if you buy into that.

And he has what seems to be arthritic hands. It must be damaged from being a goalie in the Football League. The closest I’ve gotten to professional sports is a persistent case of athlete’s feet.

I asked him what it was like to have a career-ending event – that Terry Wogan interview where Wogan and everyone in the UK thought he was insane for claiming to be a god, like Jesus, or something. He told me (and my friend Blanche Cameron, comic Paul Sinha and promoter Michael O’Brien who were also upstairs in Bentley’s) it was liberating and that he doesn’t worry about what people say about him anymore. I could see in his eyes he almost believes that. It did set him on the road to infamy.


Is Andy Kaufman alive? That is what Bob Zmuda, his partner in anarchy is suggesting in his new book. Well Bruce Dessau of the Evening Standard, the Times, Guardian et al said I was “Andy Kaufman with jokes and Andy Kaufman without jokes.” which makes me, pretty much, Andy Kaufman. Don’t give the secret away.

Or decided for yourself at my  next LST show. Thursday 2 October 2014 9:00PM London. Lewis Schaffer: American in London and then again on the 9th October 2014, also at 9:00PM. 


Click here to list listen to the latest 29 September 2014 Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer. This week we had the Bedfordshire comic and left-winger Paul Ricketts and the originator of Nunhead Art Trail, Garry Parsons.

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