2 AM Friday 28 March 2014 Nunhead Heights

Every year I ask for help in choosing my Edinburgh Festival Fringe show’s name.

This year I got more than 350 suggestions from more than 100 people. So many great names and generous people I lost count. Thank you everyone who made a suggestion.

Here are the ones that I thought were usable. Any one of them would have made a good title. And many of the ones not listed below, would have made a good titles. The one that I chose is probably no better than any of the others. And I probably overlooked a few that should be on the list below.

So, in no particular order, the best ones with the author in brackets.

Lewis Schaffer Will Do You [Leanne Bower]
Lewis Schaffer: Too Soon [Deborah Ritchie]
Lewis Schaffer: Devil’s Advocate’s Advocate [Martin Soan]
Lewis Schaffer: Whatever Happened to Lewis Schaffer? [Iszi Lawrence]
Lewis Schaffer: Eternity Test [Kevin Precious]
Lewis Schaffer: Die Hard [Rob Thomas]
Lewis Schaffer: Dye Hard [John Edward Comerford]
Lewis Schaffer: Crash Self Wife (anagram of Lewis Schaffer [David Harry]
Lewis Schaffer Is Right. Is Lewis Schaffer Right? [Paul Ricketts]
Lewis Schaffer: Happiness [Claire Smith]
Lewis Schaffer: The Best a Man Can Get [Sajeela Kershi]
Lewis Schaffer: Lose weight now! Ask me how! [Norman Cho]
Lewis Schaffer: Success is Not an Option [Lewis Schaffer]
Lewis Schaffer: Stewart Lee & Me [Christian Talbot]
Lewis Schaffer: Downsizing [Bev Minter]
Lewis Schaffer: Is Going to Die [John Newcastle Smith]
Lewis Schaffer: Does Your Head In [Daphna Baram]

For almost a complete list, go the facebook timeline thing.

And which name did I choose?

I picked Lewis Schaffer: Success is Not an Option

I chose it because it speaks to the way I am right now, on the edge of success, if I want it. If I want it, yet not sure if I do. Not doing much to get success except keeping doing what I’ve always been doing, and definitely not prepared for success if it comes. And because I thought of the name.

In other words, I regret choosing that name. I regretted choosing the name as soon as I pressed the Pay, or the Finish button on my EdFringe application. I am sorry I chose such a horrible name.

Lewis Schaffer: Success is Not an Option
The Bunka Room
Heroes @ The Hive
Niddry Street
7:45PM (50 minutes)

Guaranteed admission tickets will be available at the Fringe and Hive box offices for £5. If there are any unsold tickets they will be given away free at the door. If you love me you will buy a ticket. I need the money.

The Bunka Room is the smaller room at The Hive. It is where I did a show two years ago and not the airplane hanger I was in last year.

I decided on that room because I can charge for tickets and still let some people in for free, if there are seats available. And it is quiet, not too hot, and intimate. A nice room. And no one else asked me.

I will let you know when tickets will be available for purchase.

In the meantime:

Come see me at the Leicester Square Theatre Sunday at 8:30PM with
Lewis Schaffer: American in London. Tickets are only £10 and worth it (I have been told).

Have your UK and USA Taxes prepared with BritishAmericanTax.com. Ask for Liz Zitzow.

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