9 PM Monday 21 May 2012 Nunhead Heights

Tonight is Nunhead American Radio Night. Listen live on www.resonancefm.com and 104.4fm in Nunhead. Re-listen on iTunes on www.bit.ly/NunheadAmericanRadio and go to our facebook page “Voice of Americans”

Nunhead as seen by Turner. 1796-7.

Nunhead is beautiful! So beautiful that the most famous English painter J. Turner visited it in 1796-7. This drawing is owned by the Tate Gallery – the main one on the Thames – and not the other one down the Thames in the old power station.

Nunhead American Jeremy Operer reports that he is busy right now timing his American wife Carolyn’s contractions! She is due any hour now. How exciting!

On an historical note: Nunhead has many American connections. They used to play baseball in Nunhead. Did you know that?

According to “British Baseball and the West Ham Club: History of a 1930s Professional Team” by Josh Chetwynd and Brian Belton, the Nunhead Baseball Club played in the London Major Baseball League, first in Catford Greyhound Track and later in Nunhead. The team withdrew halfway through the 1937 season. How incredible is that?

Nunhead Community Choir is singing this Thursday the 24th May 2012 at St. Augustine’s Church, right over One Tree Hill. Doors open at 7 PM and the singing starts at 7:30. I think there’ll be other choirs, too. And it is free.

Saturday, May 19th, was the Nunhead Cemetery Open Day. I know I said that the cemetery was ruined by the Council fixing it up but that was a bit of overstatement on my part. Hyperbole. Now I remember the word.  The cemetery now looks like a crazy hoarder’s house where the decorators came in and tarted up the front rooms and left the rest of the house a mess. But the mess is a glorious mess! A must visit when coming to Nunhead.

Next year we set up a table and hawk our show. I called Friends of Nunhead Cemetery Friday about putting up a table on Saturday. The FONC people wisely said it was “all set up”. Okay, no fuss as they only have 50 acres of space in there.  I thought of setting up a table outside at the Nunhead Heights entrance, on the pavement (the sidewalk in USA speak) but thought better. Next year.

I only know who only one of guests is going to be tonight: Nunhead American Randy Klein. I was expecting the Bee Lady of Nunhead – or rather hoping – but I didn’t confirm it with her. It is hard to get guests now that we’ve decided to narrow our focus to just Nunhead. And maybe people are afraid of me and the radio and who knows what? Maybe I want chaos?

If we don’t get a second guest I am going to spend the entire show talking to Randy, Lisa and Chris about why I cannot do what I need to do in my life, and need to do, to remove stress, in my life.

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