9:00PM 14th May 2012 Nunhead Heights

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Nunhead is now middle class. The new Dish and Spoon Café has opened with its imported coffee, cocoa and Camembert cheese. What? English-grown coffee, cocoa and Camembert cheese aren’t good enough for Nunhead? No, they are not!

This Saturday is May 19th or as the English call it “The 19th of May” which sounds ever so Continental. It is ironic that the only day Americans say the European way is the day America declared independence from Britain – the Fourth of July.

The 19th May is Nunhead Cemetery Open Day. This is the high point of the Nunhead social calendar. The Cemetery is the meeting place for Nunhead Heights and Nunhead Village, figuratively and literally. It connects and divides the nice bit of Nunhead, The Heights, where most Americans live, from the riff-raff down below – a dead man’s land. You could look at the Cemetery like the drug addicted problem child that brings his parents together.

The 3rd June is the Queen’s Jubilee. In her glorious 60 years as reigning monarch she lost all of British Africa, all those cheeky Caribbean Islands, Hong Kong, and Victoria Beckham.

The Queen has presided over a greater loss of empire than Rupert Murdoch did with MySpace and Hicks and Gillett with the Liverpool Football Club, and Fred the Shred accomplished with the Royal Bank of Scotland. Mazel tov!

Everyone in Nunhead will celebrate the Queen’s big day with a street party which is apropos as the Queen will be in her Castle and we are practically homeless.

Friend of the show, British American Tax specialist Liz Zitzow, was hit by a motorcycle while riding her bicycle and has spent eight weeks in the hospital. She is expected to spend another six months in rehabilitation. This show wishes her a speedy and complete recovery because I need my taxes done. Get well Liz!

This weekend is The Dulwich Festival 2012 Artist’s Open House weekend. Nunhead Heights is represented at four houses and one house in Nunhead Village. Nunhead American artist Randy Klein is not opening his studio to the public. I guess his stuff costs so much. It is his birthday today. Happy Birthday!

Our special guest couldn’t make it tonight. Roberto Mancini, coach of the Manchester City Football Club and son of composer Henry Mancini, had his job saved by beating Manchester United and doesn’t have time to make the show. He won when the pressure was on. Not pressure from Manchester United but from his rich oil sheikh owner.

Instead, our scheduled guests include:

The white English Old Nuns Head pub man Dan Roundtree.
Yinke Oyewole, the black English musician.

Listen in!

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