8 AM Saturday 14 July 2012 Nunhead Heights

Camberwell Old Cemetery Wood

Plans are still afoot to create space for 5000 more graves in our area – The Leafy Bits of Southwark and Lewisham.

 We will lose this wood when the chain saws and the weed-whackers come in to provide cheap burials in our inner city suburbs.

A child in a meadow in Camberwell Old Cemetery

The Council  will call it “re-using” graves – sounds benign but it means the end of Camberwell Old Cemetery Wood. Once lost, never returning.

A path in Camberwell Old Cemetery wood

London takes pride in our green spaces. Yet we are about to lose acres and acres of lovely wood and meadow  to the desolate wasteland of graves.

What makes our wood less beautiful than Nunhead Cemetery? Or in Highgate or even in the New Forest or Hampstead Heath?

What will the wood and meadows will become when the graves are “re-used”? The dead need to be buried – but not at the expense of the living.

This is the return of the North Wood that once ran to London but was cut down for agriculture.

Camberwell Old Cemetery – A dead cemetery – full of the forgotten dead. The Future?

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