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Photo: Regretting something I said at a Jewish old people’s home in Southsea, Essex last month.

9 May 2017 Tuesday 3PM Nunhead Heights 

Tomorrow, Wednesday 10th May 2017, I am doing a secret, unpromoted and possibly under-attended show in an undisclosed location in central London. You are invited.  
It is part of a series of six weekly shows.  I will be running through my award-winning Edinburgh Show – see lower down in blog. Last week’s show was sold out. 

You must buy a ticket. No tickets on the door, even if you could find the door. Click here.


The fundraising event for Resonance FM was brilliant – as you know – you were there. Everyone was there! Thank yous to the Relatives, Richard Guard, Lisa Moyle, Laura Synthesis, Blanche Cameron, Milo McCabe as ‘Troy Hawke’, Andrew Doyle, Sarah Nichol of Resonance, and Sean Thoburn and me and the Ivy House and especially Ed Baxter of Resonance. 


My Edinburgh show will win me a Perrier (or whatever they call this award) ’cause it involves me and my dead mother and me probably crying, and knowing me, some very inappropriate jokes. Or what I think pass as jokes. 

Each day of the festival I will open an unopened letter from my mother, sent to me before she died alone in New York.  I have 16 unopened letters and seven letters which are opened but unread.  I was checking for cash.   I will let you know when tickets are available.


Listen to yesterday’s show with Tim Clark comic and Matt Soper from the Ivy House Pub. Best show ever. Click here. 

Listen to all the Nunhead American Radio shows or most of them, including Stewart Lee, Russell Howard and Robin Ince.  Listen here on website.  Listen here on MixCloud. Our best shows, ever! Go to  Lewis Schaffer YouTube Channel. Click for songs and such. 


IF YOU LIVE IN BRITAIN, SIGN THE PETITION. DO ME A FAVOUR. Save old cemeteries from being made into ugly burial warehouses.

See you tomorrow or another Wednesday

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