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8PM Friday 7 July 2017 Nunhead Heights

Lewis Schaffer wearing prescription eyeglasses in 2010:

Lewis Schaffer not wearing eyeglasses in 2017. Handsome older man.

Wearing eyeglasses makes you blind.

They make you blind in the same way that wearing a winter coat indoors makes you need another coat if you go outdoors again.  If you don’t take off that second winter coat you will need to put on a third winter coat, and so on, and so on, until you are wearing so many winter coats you look like a homeless guy in New York, circa 1980.

Five years ago – in Spring 2012 – my eyes were 2.50 whatevers in my right eye and 1.75 in my left. I am no expert and I don’t care. I just know what I know.  I wore glasses for driving and for walking around and usually not for reading and not to look funny. I didn’t need any help looking funny.

This was my prescription from 2003 – 2.50 and 1.75:

Then my glasses broke or I lost them or something. I made a joke of them being broken by a fist in Leicester Square so often I am not sure what actually happened.

And I didn’t know what kind of glasses to replace them with. Everyone and their mother were wearing the same big black ‘NHS’ style, ‘Better go to Specsaves’,  frames that I wore.  And I didn’t want to be like those people. And I didn’t have unlimited money to spend on them. I never have any money cause as soon as I make enough I stop making money. Lately I’ve been stopping making money long before I even made enough.

So I delayed and delayed and delayed and after a while – maybe a year or two – I forgot I needed new glasses. My eyes were strong enough.

I had my eyes tested in October 2016 and the 1.75 is now a 0.25, which is close to  perfect. My left eye went from a 2.5o whatevers to a 1.75. It is the eye I use to read and don’t use it for distance, so it hasn’t had much practice. One of my eyes is stronger than the other. So sue me.

Prescription from 2016 –  1.75 and 0.25

If you spend all day reading you are going have trouble looking at the moon. And if you stare at the moon all day you are going to have trouble reading. Cause you are nut and should only look at the moon at night.

Readers need distance glasses. Hunters need reading glasses. Growing up you’d never see a thug with distance glasses. Now you see them cause they are spending all day faces pressed on the computer screens, playing video games, watching youtube or looking at the stock prices and exchange rates.

And if readers need glasses, then people who use distance glasses when they read will need stronger and stronger glasses for distance.  First step to helping your eyes is never use distance glasses for reading, even if you have hold the book or paper or screen two inches from your face.

I was 55. I am 60 now. I did the math. Don’t tell me that eyes get stronger with age. No part of the human body gets stronger with age – not hearing, not your sense of smell or taste, not your muscles. Even my body odor is weaker.  The reason that older people sometimes need weaker glasses is that they’ve been spending less time doing close up work.

Focus on what you can see.  Move your eyes further and further away from what you reading.

It is that simple. If you eyes are so bad that there is nothing so close that you can see, buy a pair of glasses that is weaker than you need and use them, until you can see something up close.

[I am not the first to propose that you can correct bad vision. And while I don’t agree with everything B. G. Hauser wrote in his 1942 book ‘Better Eyes Without Glasses’ he did state: “Naturally, the old-fashioned optician sincerely believes that when he has prescribed glasses he has done the best thing for you.”  And you can look up the Bates Method.]

I hope this advice helps.


My friend, Lewis Schaffer, told me that he used to wear glasses until just before I met him. His glasses broke and he didn’t get a new pair. He claimed to have fixed his eyes. For years I thought he was a crank. He’s still a crank, but he happens to be right.

I have minus 3.5 in both eyes. I started out when I was 11 wearing minus 0.5, the weakest available prescription. I kept getting in trouble for copying the title of the lesson in my book wrong, even though it was on the board in front of me. Glasses weren’t fashionable in 2004, so I bought neutral frames that I could just leave on all day and not draw attention to myself. The optician told to wear them “whenever you feel that you need to” and told my mum to bring me back every 6 months to get them re-checked.

I read lots of books and was inside studying most of the time so I always used my eyes for close up work. I was told that people’s eyes change over time and until I was grown up my eyes would keep changing, and changing meant getting worse. Every year I got slightly stronger glasses and the worse my eyes got the more I was told to wear them. If I didn’t I was told that I would strain my eyes, get headaches and make my eyes deteriorate faster.  

Lewis suggested I start by taking off  my glasses off when using my mobile phone and when I read the newspaper. It actually felt better to read without them because my eyes didn’t need them. I then started taking my glasses off when using the computer, a little further away so it was harder, but I got used to it in a few weeks and I zoomed in on the page if I couldn’t see it. The next step was to take my glasses off outside, and this is the part I am still struggling with. At the moment, I can take my glasses off on the bus or train if I know where I’m going and manage to find my way around. Just a week ago I managed to read the tiny orange writing on the departures board at the train station. I am yet to cross the road without my glasses or go shopping, but I’m getting there.

The way I see it, if a part of your body is damaged, you try and fix it. If I broke my arm I would follow the set exercises, push myself as hard as I could to get my arm working again. Why should eyes be any different?

I’ve been wearing glasses for 12 years, that’s a long time, but I’m still young and I do believe that my eyes will continue to improve if I continue to train them. They probably wont ever be perfect but they will be good enough not to effect my everyday life. If you wear glasses for distance (shortsighted) take your glasses off when you read and question your optician if they say your eyes have deteriorated.

You can improve your vision.

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