12 PM Monday October 12, 2015 Nunhead Heights

This just in: LINK TO BENEFIT SLASH PARTY FOR SAVE SOUTHWARK WOODS: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/save-southwark-woods-benefit-gig-tickets-19040706265

I fell in to a deep funk after the Edinburgh Festival [Five Stars] and was immobilized for two weeks. Then I got that low-level cold that was going around. Then I was tasked with looking after my two boys for a week while the mother was in France. That was something I hadn’t been asked to do in years and it destroyed me. The whole thing destroyed me. 

I am not doing any big shows in London until December – thinking, madly, that it will pump up demand for the December shows. Oh, and to correct the last email I sent you, I am doing 12 dates and not 10 ( I miscounted.) Buy a ticket for December here. 

If you would like to see me in London, I am part of a benefit for my Save Southwark Woods Campaign. I am compering it and it will have another comic, yet to be found, and a musical act, of whom I cannot remember the exact name.

Benefit to Save Southwark Woods
The Ivy House
Nunhead Heights
October 18, 2015 8PM Ten Pounds.

All money to go save the woods of Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries.
If the ticket link isn’t up, email me at LewisSchafferPR@gmail.com, and I will hold tickets for you.


I am now branding myself as the “Best Comic in Britain” as I realized that so many comics are doing “failure-based comedy”. Everyone and their mothers are making a drama out of comedy I just couldn’t stand it. Plus my show in Edinburgh was so good I got the taste of victory and I am going to run with it. 

(Read the five star review : “brilliant and amazing” proclaims The Scotsman. Then read all the reviews from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.) Especially, the best review from someone who is seeing me for the first time.


As expected, on Tuesday Southwark’s Planning Committee approved the Council’s planning applications. They will send the results to the full council for rubber stamping. They will be cutting down trees shortly. Click here to go to the website.

Notably bad in all of this were the London Wildlife Trust whose ethos is to protect woods and wildlife [it is in the name]. They said, basically, that putting 750 graves in a wood wouldn’t hurt wildlife and that the bushes and shrubs already there weren’t very good bushes and shrubs, and the trees weren’t “trees” and besides, the council will put in more trees. I was pleased I told one of them to “fuck off” to his face.

Also coming out rather badly was our local councillor who sided against 1500 of her own ward residents and 600 objectors to fully support the plans. She seemed a bit rattled by the end of the meeting.


This week’s show is on the Resonance Mixcloud. And to listen to other shows, click here >>>>  Listen here on MixCloud.  Not all shows, as I haven’t uploaded them yet (read the above excuses).

 And go to the Lewis Schaffer YouTube Channel.


My next gigs [other than the Southwark Woods thing as week Sunday] will be in Lynton in North Devon on  October 23 and then Horsham in Surrey or Sussex (near Gatwick) on October 24th.   Go to the Tour 2015 webpage


Read the reviews of my acting in a play. Four Stars from The Telegraph, The List (the prestigious Scottish magazine), The Scotsman and others.  

My old friend Jon Hart penned a piece for the prestigious New York Observer “Can Lewis Schaffer once New York’s biggest comedy barker play abroad?”

“No one, audiences and fellow comedians included, knew what to make of Lewis, whether he was a freak, fairy or fraud  or all of the aforementioned. It didn’t matter. He had the hooligans howling, and he seemed to make everyone a little bit more open minded.”


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