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As I wrote in this blog, I was inspired by Podcast King Richard Herring.

He is giving each audience member at his Edinburgh shows a free copy of his DVD 10. I was going to do the same: Give every punter at my Lewis Schaffer is Better Than You a free copy of Richard Herring’s DVD 10.

Now, Stewart Lee, the Doyenne of Alternative Comics, is also contributing DVDs to me. He, too, will be donating an unspecified, yet “substantial” number. How great is that?

Everyone who gives me at least £5 at Lewis Schaffer is Better Than You will get free copy of either Richard Herring’s DVD 1O OR a Stewart Lee DVD OR another DVD of similar value.*

But also contributing DVDs to Lewis Schaffer is Australian comic Brendon Burns, the Perrier [or whatever they call it this year] award-winning comic. He has arranged for Universal to provide a lot of DVDs for me to distribute and that is after all the things I’ve said about Australians.

I have been advised to make and sell DVDs of my shows. Personally, I think my shows are unfilmable when brilliant, dreadful when just good and fascinating when atrocious.  And I’m afraid no one would want to see them.

If you don’t laugh at my Edinburgh show, you can at least laugh when you get home when you pop in Stewart Lee’s or Richard Herring’s DVD in the machine.

Lewis Schaffer is Better Than You will have a combination of paid admission tickets and pay-what-you-want-when-you-leave free tickets available.

Edinburgh Fringe 2013
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* Lewis Schaffer will give a Richard Herring, Stewart Lee or similar DVD with a value of at least £1 to all customers who pay over £5 to see his show.

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