12:01 AM Tuesday 4th September 2012 Nunhead Heights

Yesterday was the worst day of the year.

It was exactly one week after the Edinburgh Festival. I’d forgotten how funny Lewis Schaffer was. I’d forgotten how soon it was going to be before Lewis Schaffer was to become famous and the money started rolling in. That’s what the Edinburgh Festival does to you. It makes you think you’re somebody.

Instead, I’m in Nunhead.

I spent a bit of yesterday with my younger son, the Wild One, who is excellent company as he’s usually up for anything. We went fantasy shopping at Curry’s, the appliance shop, dreaming about a new electric cooker and we sat in a massage chair. It doesn’t take much to keep us occupied.

Sadly, the rest of the week I spent waiting for him or my other son, the Sensible One “Mini-Lew” to come over. They live with their mother around the corner. This is probably a sad week for the mother, too, as she also does the Festival. I can understand her not wanting to give them up this week. Still, it would have been nice to have them stay over a night or two.

Next year, I need to be on a beach somewhere for the week, with the kids or by myself. My problem is that I never have a “Plan B”. I planned for the Festival and nothing afterwards.

That is why I am in Britain.

I was at the Boston Comedy Club in New York, host and main barker, back in 2000, and I didn’t know what to do next.

I got married to the mother of my children – she wasn’t a mother yet – and I followed her here to London. I didn’t know what else to do. That, and I loved her.

Some advice: Never, ever, EVER follow a woman. Let her follow you. Women are nest builders and there usually isn’t enough room in her nest for you. NEVER.

The week after the Festival is a huge let down.

There will always be a let down after something so intense. Four or more shows a day for 26 days in row and reviewers and people telling you how funny you are and even how “reductive” or “vulgar” you are. I miss my One Star reviews the most.

That’s the Zen of it. It’s binary. The On and then the Off. Only when things are OFF it is best to be somewhere very, very OFF, like Cornwall, or Tobago Island on the coast of Panama. Or even in Wigan, not that I have been there.

Instead, I was in Nunhead.

Today I restart my Soho shows at the Source Below and all will be okay. I’ll be back to being Lewis Schaffer again.

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“Lewis Schaffer is Free until Famous” Live in Soho
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