3PM Friday 2nd May 2014 Nunhead Heights.
Lewis_Schaffer Backstage 2012

(Above photo: Lewis Schaffer looking exasperated after another failure. Photo by Nick Collett, 2012)

I will be doing two shows a day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014.

My main show is Lewis Schaffer: Success Is Not An Option, which is a play on the saying …

It will be 40 or 50 minutes of me trying to tell some new jokes, or trying to tell jokes you haven’t heard, or trying to tell jokes you haven’t heard in a while, and generally making a hash of it.

I cannot see how this show, or what I am doing now will lead to anything good coming out of Edinburgh but I cannot stop. It should be about how I can’t get my act together, but then if it were about how I were getting my act together, I would actually getting my act together.

Below is a blurb that will be on the Fringe website. Tickets are not up for sale at the present but I will put in the link when they are.

Success Is Not An Option

Be prepared. Lewis Schaffer isn’t. An hour of your life you’ll never get back. A lifetime of his completely wasted.

Star of Resonance FM’s Nunhead American Radio. ‘Disconcertingly terrific. Compelling, unique and most of all unpredictable’ (Bruce Dessau, BeyondtheJoke.co.uk). ‘An hilarious, cathartic, exhilaratingly appalling experience’ **** (Kate Copstick, Scotsman). ‘The logical conclusion of all stand-up comedy’ (Daniel Kitson). ‘A skilled, masterful and above-all, eye-wateringly funny guy. If you consciously choose not to see him, don’t bother coming to the Fringe’ **** (Chortle.co.uk). ‘Unlike anything else on the comedy circuit.’ Time Out.

Rereading the blurb, it does seem a bit over the top. It’s self-effacing yet also bombastically gung-ho at the same time.

I will be back in the 50 or 60 seat Bunka room in The Hive, and not the atrocious big room with the sticky floor and echo-chamber airplane hanger sound, and the noise coming in from the atheists’ karaoke party like last year.

Tickets are free at the door but £5 in advance at the Hive and Fringe box offices, and online, to guarantee you a seat.

Success Is Not An Option
19:45 (7:45pm) (50 minutes) £5
The Hive
15-17 Niddry St S, Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1LG

Old Folks Telling Jokes

Chris Foote from Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival has asked me to compere his Old Folks Telling Jokes show in spite of the fact that I am not old. I am “older”, as in “older than most of you” and older than most comedians but still youthful and spritely. I am doing it for the exposure and the money.

The shows will be at 4:15PM at the Grassmarket Community Project – a new venue being run by Darrell Martin of Nottingham’s Just the Tonic.

Never go to a comedy show with a modifier – they aren’t very good. Gay Comedy Night, Jewish Comedy Night, Black Comedy Night, Women’s Comedy Night – all are a guarantee of awfulness. Except for this one.

I’m doing Old Folks Telling Jokes and I am amazing. And so are Barry Cryer, Arthur Smith, Charmian Hughes and my fellow American, Lynn Ruth Miller, who will all be on the show. It will be a laugh – so make this an exception.

Old Folks Telling Jokes
16:15 (4:15pm) 60 minutes
Just the Tonic
Grassmarket Community Project
86 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh EH1 2QA
0131 225 3626

I don’t have a website for the Old Folks show, nor a ticket price. Await details.

Meanwhile, see me live in London at the Leicester Square Theatre.
Almost every Sunday evening.
Lewis Schaffer: American in London

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