A hypocrite takes a stand on chopping down the Camberwell Old Cemetery Wood.

10 PM 11th June 2012 Nunhead Heights I was on my high horse about burials in our cemeteries when I got the call that my friend Dieter is to be buried at Camberwell New Cemetery Tuesday, the 12th. Services at 10AM at St. John’s on Goose Green. [googlemaps,-4.064941&sspn=7.543144,13.666992&t=h&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=London+SE22,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.450744,-0.062485&spn=0.004012,0.006437&z=16&output=embed&w=300&h=300] Aerial view of the Camberwell Old […]

Speak up for Southwark's forests? I'm not the right man.

8 AM Saturday 9 June 2012 Nunhead Heights. I have been called my “own worst enemy.” I don’t mind being my own worst enemy because that way I know my enemies aren’t as bad as I am. [googlemaps,-4.064941&sspn=7.543144,13.666992&t=h&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=London+SE22,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.450744,-0.062485&spn=0.004012,0.006437&z=16&output=embed&w=300&h=300] Yesterday, I posted about the chopping down of the wood in Camberwell Old Cemetery in East […]