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When you have to build a wall around your country, you’re dead. Bob Dylan sang ‘he not busy being born is busy dying’ and a wall means you’re on the homestretch.

The Romans and their walls. They went no further and eventually collapsed. Or rich people in their gated communities, living in fear. And when the white South Africans tried to practice Apartheid.

Winners conquer, control, meld, and even kill, if necessary. But they don’t build walls until they have given up growing.

Israel was the last European colony.

It was founded in the 20th Century when Europe was receding everywhere. European Jews from Russia and Germany colonized Palestine before and after World World War Two, at the same time the Germans made a late attempt at creating their Empire.

The Nazis may not have thought of these Jews as being German, or even European, but I don’t think the Arabs or the Asians can see the difference between a German Jew or German Christian. Israelis are foreigners in the Middle East.

Europe is fraying everywhere. The Judeo-Christian faith, if you can bunch the two together, is being harassed from Egypt to Nigeria to Iraq.

Russia is struggling to hold on to Chechnya and Dagestan. Britain has long given up on Africa and India. America cannot tell Mexico what to do anymore, and the United States has become a colony of Mexico. Once a European could walk anywhere in the world without being molested. Now there are parts of Britain where we don’t feel safe.

When I was a kid I thought of moving to Israel.

Every Jewish kid in America in the 1960s did. At least the nerdy ones. I didn’t emigrate because we American Jews knew we had it good. If you were in Russia and you couldn’t get to America, yes, move to Israel. Or a dirt poor persecuted Yemeni Jew – of course.  Or mental, because you believed that ‘Next Year In Jerusalem’ prayer stuff. Only nutty folks bought into that.

But alot of Jews wished for our own country where we would be safe, like other nations had.  But the tectonic plates of world history are moving. They always are. And there is no security in the world, and definitely no security for the Jews.

When a nation isn’t allowed to kill 150 people to protect it’s citizens from being hit by a torrent of rockets, well, you know they’re up against a wall. And that wall is soon to come down.

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