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Where can I watch this wildly talented, chaotic yet handsome silver fox

GB News

Not content with simply being an incredible stand up comedian, Lewis Schaffer has turned his hand to television. 

A regular on the popular GB News show, Headliners, you will see him on the panel giving a very different take on current news affairs.


You will also occasionally see Lewis Schaffer as a guest on Free Speech Nation, a show hosted by Andrew Doyle - where he interviews fantastic guests, has intellectual discussions, gives incredibly articulate monologues, and controls Lewis Schaffer. 

Lewis Schaffer Headliners
Comedy Unleashed

Lewis Schaffer can also be found on the Comedy Unleashed circuit.


Comedy Unleashed hosts free-thinking comedians who leave their self-censorship button at the door, stand-up comedians who think outside the groupthink bubble and just make us laugh like the good old days. Not Lewis Schaffer, but sometimes he appears on the shows.

Lewis Schaffer
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